Chronological Index Of Documents
That is, chronological order of authorship.

11th Century

Domesday Book {1087} : A Complete Translation (1992)

Editors: Dr Ann Williams, Professor G. H. Martin

16th Century

The Diary of Henry Machyn, Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London, From 1550 to 1563 (1848)

Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.R.A.

A Goodly Gallerye With A Most Pleasaunt Prospect, into the garden of naturall contemplation... (1563)

William Fulce

18th Century

A Tour Through The Whole Island Of Great Britain. Daniel Defoe, 1724 (1888)

Edited by Henry Morley

England's Gazeteer; An Accurate Description of all the Cities, Towns, & Villages of The Kingdom. (1751)

Stephen Whatley

The Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales (1872)

John Marius Wilson

The Environs of London: Volume 4: The Counties of Herts, Essex & Kent: Westham (1796)

Daniel Lysons

19th Century

London; Being An Accurate History And Description Of The British Metropolis (1809)

David Hughson

The Philanthropist (1811)

Vol. I. - For 1811.

Excursions In The County Of Essex (1818)

Thomas K. Cromwell

Ecclesiastical Memorials, Relating Chiefly To Religion & The Reformation Of It. (1822)

John Strype

The Annual Register, or a view of the history, politics, and literature, for the year 1813 (1823)

The History And Topography Of The County Of Essex (1836)

Thomas Wright

Archaeologia: Or, Miscellaneous Tracts Relating To Antiquity. Volume XXVII. (1838)

Alfred Burges

Household Words; Issue No. 390; Londoners Over The Border (12th September 1857)

Charles Dickens

Medical Times and Gazette,

Vol. 15, On the Outbreak of Cholera at Abbey-row, West Ham. (October 24, 1857)

John Snow

Handbook For Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, And Cambridgeshire. With Map And Plans. (1870)

John Murray

The Graphic, Wanstead Flats (July 15, 1871)

The Penny Illustrated Paper, Epping Forest In Danger (July 15, 1871)

Old and New London (1878)

Edward Walford, M.A.

The Graphic, Martyrs' Memorial (August 9, 1879)

The Graphic, The Stratford Martyrs' Memorial (September 13, 1879)

Village London - The Story Of Greater London (1883/4)

Edward Walford, M.A.

20th Century

The Church Bells Of Essex, Their Founders, Inscriptions, Traditions, And Uses (1909)

The Rev. Cecil Deedes & H. B. Walters

Essex: A Dictionary Of The County, Mainly Ecclesiological, In Two Parts. (1915)

G. Worley

A New Book About London (1921)

Leopold Wagner