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Begun on June 24 2006, Newham Reuse Group is a part of an incredibly fast-growing movement of people who care enough about their environment to do something. This group matches people who have things they do not need with people who can use them. Our main goal is to keep usable items out of landfill. By using what we already have we reduce consumerism, manufacture fewer goods, and lessen the impact on the earth. It's also a great place to get rid of your clutter :-)

If you enjoy using Newham Reuse Group, or simply like the idea, let others know. Newham Reuse Group is already the single largest community group in Newham, so you probably already know another Newham Reuse Group user, but there are still loads of people who don't know about us. Spread the word.

Please feel free to e-mail the moderators at with any questions, ideas or problems!

Newham Reuse Group is about keeping things out of landfill.
Newham Reuse Group is about giving good stuff to good people.
Newham Reuse Group is about using less things by using thing more.
Newham Reuse Group is about reducing waste and our carbon footprints.

It is NOT about getting as much free stuff as we can.
It is NOT about getting things to earn money on the side.
It is NOT about getting rid of junk that would be better off in landfill.
It is NOT about posting a "wish list" for expensive items.

If this is not what you are looking for, or even if it is, pop over to the Newham Reuse Group Café where some things not allowed here are welcome.


To subscribe:
Send an e-mail to Newham-Reuse-Group-subscribe @ or go to and click on 'Join Group'.

To read messages:
Collect them with you e-mail client (Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Outlook etc.) or go to

To post a message:
Send an e-mail to Newham-Reuse-Group @ or go to

To reply to a message:
Click 'Reply' either in your e-mail client or on the message page at

To unsubscribe:
Send an e-mail to Newham-Reuse-Group-unsubscribe @ or go to click on 'settings' at the top and then 'Leave This Group' at the bottom of the next page.

  1. Newham Reuse Group Is About Keeping Stuff Out Of Landfill. So things like money off coupons, BOGOF offers and free tickets should go to the Café Group

  2. Everything Must Be Free, Legal & Appropriate For All. This means that you can't ask for money, the items must be legally yours to give away as well as legal to own, and that not only should you not offer 'adult' stuff but nothing offensive either.

  3. Be Nice :-)

SUBJECT LINES: To make thing easy for everybody please use these formats in the subject line when posting.

OFFER: sofa, E7.
WANTED: sofa, any condition.
TAKEN: sofa
RECEIVED: sofa, with thanks
EVENT: Give or Take, E15.

Please Don't Forget Your Location In Offers
This makes it so much easier for everybody to find the messages they are looking for and also to know how near or far the items are.

A brief word on Locations. We are the NEWHAM Reuse Group. Whilst we do spread that a little to local areas of surrounding boroughs, Colchester, Kent, Cornwall & China are a little out of area. Remember, the idea is to reduce waste and driving miles to collect an item defeats the object.

EVENT: This is for community events relating to recycling/reuse and includes things like 'Give or Takes' and 'Jumble Sales' in aid of charities. It DOES NOT include 'yard sales', gigs, dance events, art displays or any other such events. They do not keep stuff out of landfill and/or are for personal profit. If you're unsure if your event will be allowed, ask us.


It's easier to list what's not allowed, so, pretty much anything, within reason, that's not in the "WHAT'S NOT ALLOWED" section, is allowed.


A Top Ten of what's NOT allowed.
  1. NO Alcohol, Drugs, Medications, Tobacco or Weapons.
    This should be self evident as they are either not legal or not appropriate for all, however, if you are not sure about something either Google it or ask the moderators.
  2. NO 'Adult' Material or Goods.
    This means not only porn/sex related items but anything with an adult age restriction on it.
  3. NO Personal Attacks, NO Rudeness, NO Spam, NO Money.
    Be nice to each other and don't annoy people.
  4. NO Politics, NO Religion, NO Advertising.
    Whilst you or I might support or believe something it doesn't mean that others do and this is not the place to try to get the message across.
  5. NO Animals.
    See the Links Page for local/national animal charities/rehoming agencies.
    London has some great pet organisations such as the RSPCA, and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. In Newham we also have The Celia Hammond Animal Trust.
  6. NO Buying or Selling (try e-bay), NO Swapping or Borrowing (try the Newham Reuse Group Café.)
    Buying and selling isn't free, and swapping or borrowing doesn't keep thing out of landfill.
  7. NO Offering or Requesting Services or Employment. (try the Newham Reuse Group Café.)
    Again, not usually free.
  8. NO Vouchers or Coupons. (try the Newham Reuse Group Café.)
    They don't keep stuff out of landfill and they are usually not actually free.
  9. NO 'Wish Lists' or 'Shopping Lists'. Please Keep It Reasonable And Sensible.
    Long lists of items you want achieve three things, they don't get read, they annoy and people won't read your future messages. So for your own good not a good idea.
  10. NO Copies Of Copyright Material.
    Simply, it is not legal, more precisely, all copyrighted material such as Software, Videos, DVD, CDs etc must be originals, Copies are NOT allowed, and can only be given or received complete with any required licences. The giver of such items must not retain a copy of the item or continue to use the item once it has been given away. The group moderators, Yahoo, and Newham Reuse Group do not take responsibility for transfers that are not carried out according to End User Licence Agreement (EULA) of software creators.

Please do not post the same 'Wanted' message more than once a week or so. You are not likely to get more replies and you will simply annoy people.

If there is anything that isn't covered, or you're unsure of anything and you'd like to know if it is OK, simply ask the moderators.


Occasionally online scammers target Reuse groups, often by offering high-value items, and then asking you to pay for courier charges. While we do normally allow postage, you should never hand over money in advance. We would also warn against using Ukash or similar services, as these are often used in scams. If you are unlucky enough be scammed, please report it to us, so we can deal with the scammer, and to the Police, so they can deal with the scammer.


If you intend to resell items, you should be upfront and let the members know.

Do not offer items that do not belong to you.

Do not contact members in order to sell them something. This is uncool and WILL result in being banned.

When you have arranged a time to pick an item up, please show up on time, and please be courteous. You are receiving a gift from them, and they ask nothing in return but your punctuality and politeness.

Be Nice


Please feel free to e-mail the moderators at with any questions, ideas or problems!

Have fun keeping good stuff out of landfills!

Pop over to our Café Group for even more, but different, local stuff.

SAFETY NOTICE: Members of this group use it entirely at their own risk. Please take all reasonable measures to protect yourself and your family's safety and privacy when posting to the list or participating in the collection of an item.

DISCLAIMER: Newham Reuse Group provides the platform for the exchange of goods only. The list owners, moderators or anyone associated or affiliated with Newham Reuse Group are not responsible or liable for any eventualities resulting from any exchange or communication

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